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Investment Opportunities

Kamino is not just predicting the future of finance; we're creating it.

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Kamino: Unparalleled Advantage in Financial Management

A Patent-Pending Investment Opportunity

of CFOs want an all-in-one Financial Management Platform
Profitability increase with Kamino's proprietary BI engine
CAGR for Financial Management Software
CAGR for Operational & Financial Data Software

The Next Frontier in Financial Management

The potential for Kamino's technology is vast and untapped  — with 60% of SMBs planning to use AI software in the next three years.
Seamless Integration:
Effortlessly connects with existing tools, eliminating data silos.
Accelerated Data Analysis:
Transforms financial data into actionable insights faster.
AI-Based Forecasting:
Empowers forward-looking financial planning with precision.
Reduced Headcount:
Replaces manual tasks, therefore eliminating additional analyst and IT personnel needs.
Visionary Success with Significant Market Potential

Accelerate Your Investment with Kamino

Projected $64M in Revenue Within
4 Years

Robust revenue growth based on scalability and demand.

Achieving Cash Flow Positivity by
Year 3

Efficient operations and financial sustainability drive Kamino towards a positive cash flow.
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A Unified Vision for Data
At Kamino, we believe in a future where financial data drives strategic excellence. Our platform unifies fragmented financial information, offering a comprehensive view that enhances decision-making processes. By eliminating the need for finance and IT analysts, Kamino simplifies financial management, making it accessible, efficient, and effective for all business users.
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Meet our ambitious crew

Marc-Andre Chartrand
Marc-Andre Chartrand


Marc impacted the bottom line by contributing 5X Revenue and Profit growth over the last 15 years for SMBs. As a CFO, he trail-blazed and led transformation projects, due diligence and integration of strategic acquisitions to expand service offerings and revenue growth.

Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson


Sam led & architected ground-up rebuild of core platform and obtained SOC-2 Type Il within first 12 months. Built world-class engineering team, guided Airst through seed round a $24m combo Series A+B round. Platform is now used at 15% of the Fortune 500.

Olga Niamera
Olga Niamera


Matching the right person with the job sets a candidate on a successful path and propels the company's success. This belief drives Olga's passion for recruitment. Her holistic approach focuses on cultural fit, job proficiency, communication style, and work ethic.

Chad Grenier
Chad Grenier


Chad creates distinct brand and market positions within B2B, and B2C. His early days focused on scaling SMBs before joining and accelerating one of fastest growing NA marketing firms servicing top Fortune 1 to 500 companies which had 3 successful PE exits in 10 years.