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Marc-Andre Chartrand
Founder, Kamino

Marc-Andre is the founder and current CEO of Kamino. Marc founded Kamino to transform cloud-based business management software through workflows, data APIs and a AI prediction engine so Business Owners, and their teams have access to key data within a few clicks to make data driven decisions that enable profitable growth.

Marc-Andre Chartrand was the Divisional CFO of Mosaic. He worked for over sixteen years in senior level financial roles, where he led a team of 50+ analysts and managers located throughout North America responsible for FP&A, Account Planning, Compliance, and Forecasting.


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Marc-Andre Chartrand
Marc-Andre Chartrand

Marc has an history of impacting the bottom line by contributing 5x Revenue and Profit growth over the last fifteen years for SMBs. As a CFO, he trail-blazed, product led and lead transformation projects, due diligence and integration of strategic acquisitions to expand service offerings and revenue growth.

Chad Grenier
Chad Grenier

Chad creates distinct brand and market positions within B2B, and B2C. His early days focused on scaling SMBs before joining and accelerating one of fastest growing NA marketing firms servicing top Fortune 1 to 500 companies which had 3 successful PE exits in 10 years.

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