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VC & Private Equity

Maximize Your Investment Decisions

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VC & Private Equity benefit from Kamino
Maximize Your ROI

Help Your VC & Private Equity Thrive

Achieve the best possible outcome for your investments. Launch cutting-edge data-driven investment decisions. Automate analyzing financial data, forecasting future performance, and maximizing returns on your investments efficiently.

Bring Investors Into Your Business

Maximize ROI on investments.
The SBA found businesses that look at financial statements annually have a 25% success rate. Increase forecasting and financial lookbacks to weekly or even daily, increasing the success rate by over 75%.
Breakdown silos.
According to 62% of financial leaders, improving access to siloed, distributed data will be one of their top data initiatives in the next 12 months. Empower investors to look at all their investment data in one place, from operational inefficiencies to cash flow forecasts.
Modernize investment forecasting.
As stated by 55% of financial leaders, implementing technologies that will enable them to create a data-driven organization is among their top 3 biggest data-related priorities. Modernize your business processes without the technical headache or long wait times.

With data-driven tools,

investors increase revenue, and ROI, and make data-driven decisions faster for their portfolios.

Private Equity
Activate the right approach for all of your portfolio companies. Increase operational efficiency and growth opportunities with better forecasting for each company with less upkeep.
Venture Capital
Maximize ROI on your startup investments through Ai FinOps Management and future-proofing their startup processes.
Angel Groups
Modernize Investment Decisions. Take your angel investing venture to the next level by activating powerful Ai-driven forecasting.
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Ignite Growth with the Latest in AI Finance

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